New Year's Dinner Lodgebaren Kajsas Fisk

Welcome to Lodgebaren on New Year's Eve! The fireplace is lit, the food is properly cooked and the cosiness factor high - book a table for our New Year's menu here!

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New Year's Eve Dinner Röding SEK 549

Rum symphony

Served with Västerbotten cheese pie, whipped smetana, red onion & seed cracker bread

Baked char with herbs and a tomato white wine sauce & potato cake

Pannacotta flavoured with salted caramel, chocolate & cocoa beans


New Year's Eve Dinner Vegan 549 SEK

A stir made of cucumber & celery, flavoured with olive oil & lemon juice

Portobello mushroom filled with risotto and flavoured with saffron, chili & cheese au gratin

Hummus flavoured with chocolate, berries & whipped soy cream


New Year's Menu Seafood SEK 699

Kajsas Skagen or two oysters

Rum symphony

1⁄2 Canadian lobster

two Swedish langoustines

100 grams of fresh shrimps

10 blue mussels cooked in white wine

Aioli & truffle mayonnaise


Pannacotta flavoured with salted caramel, chocolate & cocoa beans

or two luxury pralines from JJ Praliner

Junior menu (-12 years) SEK 179

Kajsas Toast Skagen

Fish & chips or game meat-wallenberger with boiled potatoes, clarified butter and lingonberries

Eton mess with chocolate sauce