Covid-19 safety precautions

In the run-up to this season, we have focused even more than usual on safety and security, both for our guests and our staff.

We will take all possible steps to ensure your stay with us is as safe as possible. Our utmost goal is of course to provide you with a pleasant stay, but please be aware that things may be slightly different for some time to come.

We're always staying up to date with Covid-19 developments and follow the recommendations and instructions issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. 

Our staff stay at home if they have even the slightest symptoms of a cold and we encourage our guests to do the same.

The government's decision to limit public gatherings to a certain number of people does not apply to pools. Nevertheless, we have still chosen to reduce the number of guests at our facilities (Water Park, Sauna World and SPA) to half of what we normally allow. We have taken these steps to ensure that everyone, both guests and staff, can practise social distancing. We urge all our guests to show consideration for one another and have understanding for the fact that you may need to wait for your turn. When the swimming pool is full, new bathers will be allowed in as others leave. One in one out.

Below is further information about other actions we have taken to minimised the spread of infection:

Number tag system

To enable social distancing, we're now using a number tag system at the entry. This means guests don't need to queue, and can choose whether they wish to wait inside or outside.

Changing rooms

We have chosen not to close off any lockers in the changing rooms. This allows families and groups to change close to each other and makes it easier to keep their distance from other guests. Bottles of disinfectant have been placed in all changing rooms so that you can wipe down your locker before and after use.

Enhanced cleaning routines

We have enhanced our cleaning routines in accordance with the applicable guidelines as cleaning and hand hygiene minimise the risk of infection. Staff will continuously clean and sanitise their hands during the working day. Handles, taps and other surface areas are cleaned regularly. 

Water purification

The Covid-19 virus dies upon contact with chlorinated water, which means that the risk of infection is minimal in the pools. 

At Experium we use ultrafiltration which means that there is a built-in virus barrier in our mechanical water purification which in turn minimises the spread of infection even further.

SPA and treatments

  • We ask all our guests to wash their hands prior to treatments as per applicable guidelines.
  • We will greet you without shaking your hand.
  • We always change towels, disinfect massage tables and treatment tools/instruments after each guest.
  • Staff use work clothes rather than personal clothes while working.
  • We use plastic gloves and other protective equipment as much as possible.
  • We have the right to refuse treatment if a guest has symptoms.

Surfing lessons

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 we have chosen to make changes to our provision of surfing lessons.

In order to be able to ensure that social distancing is maintained, the FlowRider® instructor will have a more passive role than in normal circumstances. 

An instructor will be attached to each lesson to help and guide guests to become as good as possible, but will not be physically close, or hold the surfer. The instructor will be there to show by example, give tips and the guest will then be able to try it out themselves.

Guests booking a group lesson (30 or 60 minutes) will be part of a group together with others. 

There will be seats to enable guests to sit apart and await their turn, and the instructor will be on hand at all times to ensure that the distance is maintained.