Adventure Pool and surfing

Here you'll find water slides, waves, outdoor baths, whirlpools, indoor surfing via FlowRider®, and much more besides. Everything wrapped up in an exciting ocean environment.

The Adventure Pool at Experium is a full 3,000 square metres and offers adventure and excitement for the whole family. In addition to waves, currents, water sprays and bubbles, there are also two adrenaline-fuelled 100-metre water slides and a shorter slide for the younger ones. 

Indoor surfing is available via the FlowRider®, a machine that creates perfect surfing conditions for all kinds of rider. Turn, spin, jump and become one with the waves! 

For a calmer pace and relaxation, there are pools with bubbles and massaging jet streams. You can also relax in the outdoor pool holding 37 degrees, while snow falls from the sky. 

For our smallest guests, we have pools with water levels between 10 and 80 centimetres. There are fun water guns, water sprays, bubbles and small water slides.

Right in the midst of the water park, there is a pool bar where you can re-charge your batteries, and choose from nutritious salads, wraps, hot dogs, ice cream, cake, snacks and hot and cold drinks. 

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