Activity & Recreation

Getting people moving has been at the heart of SkiStar's operations since the company was founded more than 45 years ago. By making an active holiday available to more people, we can help promote a more active and sustainable lifestyle and enhance well-being.

The core of our business is getting more people more active.
Research shows that we feel good when we are active and spending time in nature – even more so if we are active in nature. This has a positive effect on how we feel, both physically and mentally, by lowering our heart rate and reducing stress. Making it easier for more people to be active on their holiday creates the conditions for a more active lifestyle, even beyond the holiday. This is our way of contributing to better public health and to the UN:s Sustainable Development Goal 3 for good health and well-being. Alpine skiing forms the basis of our operations and is an important aspect to continue offering and developing. Our goal is to get more people to take part in our activities, both in the summer and the winter.

During the year, we adopted our goal of offering 7 million skier days and activities per year by 2030, of which:

  • 6.4 million are skier days and
  • 600,000 activities

We will achieve this by establishing new collaborations and initiatives linked to our destinations all year round.


Schools that teach the joy of an active life

We want to help everyone discover the joy of an active life. Through our ski schools, we want more people to be given the opportunity to have fun on the ski slopes and stable, basic training that makes everyone feel safe and secure. In 2020/21, more than 58,000 (80,000) children and adults took part in our training – a decrease due to the pandemic. All children and young people up to the age of 15 resident in the municipality are offered a free SkiPass at all SkiStar destinations. During the 2020/21 winter season, 2,694 children and young people took advantage of this opportunity. During the summer season, cycling lessons are offered via our cycling guides to enable more people to discover the mountains in the summer. The cycling guides offer both beginner groups and private lessons adapted to different levels of difficulty.

An active summer

We want to encourage more people to be active and experience the mountains in the summer, which is why SkiStar has developed a major summer initiative. We have expanded our destinations of Åre, Sälen and Trysil to offer a wide variety of summer activities adapted to different levels of difficulty.

The destinations offer multiple activities in the mountains to make them more accessible all year round, such as climbing parks, trail cycling and hiking trails. There is also the chance to play padel and crazy golf and to enjoy a spa and relaxation centre. Nearly 20,000 guests have tested the climbing parks in Sälen and Åre, and bike rentals increased their sales by more than 200 percent on average compared with the previous year.