Sustainable Development Goals

Building on SkiStar’s sustainability work and facilitating sustainable development of the company demands dedication and a long-term approach. Over the past year, the company has drawn up long-term objectives for its operations.

These objectives cover all sustainability aspects that are relevant to the business. Each goal has an associated plan of action, including activities and measures. The objectives have been linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda, to ensure SkiStar’s goals generate long-term value both in the regions in which SkiStar operates and from a broader perspective.

Area Goal UN Global Goal
Education/Further education

SkiStar will train all employees in sustainability areas that are relevant to each employee.

SkiStar will offer employees opportunities for training and professional development.




Water consumption SkiStar will endeavour to improve biodiversity in lakes and watercourses, partly via responsible water usage and partly by participating in projects that boost biodiversity. 6-4,
Emissions SkiStar will not have any emissions of greenhouse gases from its own vehicles or from energy consumption by 2030. 13-1,
Energy During the 2019/20 financial year, SkiStar will select certification models for its own construction of new housing, which will be implemented in the 2020/21 financial year. 15-4,
Biodiversity SkiStar will participate in projects to promote biodiversity at all its destinations. 12-5
Circular resource management

SkiStar will offer guests opportunities to sort waste for recycling at all destinations by 2025.*

SkiStar will work towards increasing the rental of beds already available at SkiStar’s destinations.




Health and safety

SkiStar’s workplaces will be free from alcohol and drugs.

SkiStar’s workplaces will be accident free.


SkiStar will increase diversity in senior management.

80% of SkiStar’s employees should be willing to recommend SkiStar as an employer.

SkiStar will keep the proportion of returning young employees among SkiStar’s seasonal employees to two thirds.



Indirect economic impact

SkiStar will be a leading advocate of sustainable tourism at the company’s destinations, with growth in visitor numbers.

SkiStar will work to encourage more children and young people to get active, whatever their circumstances.


*SkiStar would like to achieve this goal sooner but implementation depends on third parties.

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