Sustainable Development Goals

Building on SkiStar’s sustainability work and facilitating sustainable development of the company demands dedication and a long-term approach.

Long-term business objectives were established in 2018/19. These objectives cover all sustainability aspects that are relevant to the business. Each goal has an associated plan of action, including activities and measures. The objectives have been linked to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure SkiStar’s goals generate long-term value both in the regions in which SkiStar operates and from a global perspective.

SkiStar’s business was affected by the shutdown of activities, first in Norway and Austria and then Sweden, when the Public Health Agency advised SkiStar to shut down given the heightened pressure locally on the healthcare system at that time. This affected the outcome of SkiStar’s sustainability goals, and several of the projects were postponed to a later date.

Sustainable Development Goals and fulfilment as set out in the 2019/20 Annual Report


Area: Education/Further education
Goal: SkiStar will train all employees in relevant sustainability areas.
Outcome 2019/20: During the financial year, all new employees, seasonal employees and permanent employeestook part of SkiStar’s online sustainability training.
UN Global Goals: 4.7

Goal: SkiStar will offer employees opportunities for training and professional development.
Outcome 2019/20: To ensure that employees maintain and develop their skills and to guarantee future needs, the Group places great emphasis on training and education. On average, a permanent employee has 10 hours of training per financial year, while a seasonal employee has 25 hours of training per year.
UN Global Goals: 8.6

Area: Water consumption
Goal: SkiStar will endeavour to improve biodiversity in lakes and watercourses, partly via responsible water usage and partly by participating in projects that boost biodiversity.
Outcome 2019/20: During the financial year, SkiStar Vemdalen completed a number of improvements to Varggransstjärnen lake together with the local fishery management association. As a result, summer fishing on Varggransstjärnen was improved and there is more water for making snow for the slopes in Vemdalsskalet in the winter. 
UN Global Goals: 6.4, 6.6

Area: Emissions
Goal: SkiStar will not have any emissions of greenhouse gases from its own vehicles or from energy consumption by 2030.
Outcome 2019/20: During the financial year, SkiStar’s carbon footprint amounted to 3,419 tonnes, which is an 18% reduction from 2018/19.
UN Global Goals: 13.1, 13.2

Area: Energy
Goal: During the 2019/20 financial year, SkiStar will select certification models for its own construction of new housing, which will be implemented in the 2020/21 financial year.
Outcome 2019/20: It was decided during the financial year that all new housing construction managed by SkiStar is to be certified to the silver standard of the Sweden Green Building Council.
UN Global Goals: 12.3

Area: Biodiversity
Goal: SkiStar will participate in projects to promote biodiversity at all its destinations.
Outcome 2019/20: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, planned projects are being postponed to a future date.
UN Global Goals: 15.4, 15.5

Area: Circular resource management
Goal: SkiStar will offer guests opportunities to sort waste for recycling at all destinations by 2025.
Outcome 2019/20: During the financial year, there were ongoing dialogues with relevant partners to ensure the availability of waste recycling at all SkiStar destinations. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, planned projects are being postponed to a future date. <
UN Global Goals: 12.5

Goal: SkiStar will work towards increasingthe rental of beds already available at SkiStar’s destinations.
Outcome 2019/20: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, SkiStar closed its ski resorts early during the winter season, which resulted in fewer beds being rented out compared to 2018/19. In contrast, the number of ski rental outlets increased, which SkiStar views as a positive trend of circular resource management.
UN Global Goals: 12.5

Area: Health and safety
Goal: SkiStar’s workplaces will be free from alcohol and drugs.
Outcome 2019/20: SkiStar aims to guarantee a healthy and safe work environment, so one of our basic requirements is a drug and alcohol-free workplace. During the financial year, over 1,000 alcohol tests and 270 drugs tests were carried out.*
UN Global Goals: 3.5

Goal: SkiStar’s workplaces will be accident free. 
Outcome 2019/20: SkiStar has a structured work process that includes work environment teams and a crisis management organisation for each destination that work to prevent accidents and near-accidents. There were 105 near-accidents among SkiStar’s employees during the financial year. None of these near-accidents was classified as serious.
UN Global Goals: 8.6

Area: Diversity
Goal: SkiStar will increase diversity in senior management.
Outcome 2019/20: Diversity among senior executives at SkiStar increased during the financial year by 6% compared with 2018/19. 
UN Global Goals: 5.5

Goal: 80% of SkiStar’s employees should be willing to recommend SkiStar as an employer.
Outcome 2019/20: The consolidated employee survey for 2019/20 shows that 79.6% of SkiStar’s employees would recommend SkiStar as an employer.
UN Global Goals: 8.6

Goal: SkiStar will keep the proportion of returning young employees among SkiStar’s seasonal employees to two thirds.
Outcome 2019/20: During the financial year, 69% of seasonal employees returned to SkiStar.
UN Global Goals: 8.6

Area: Indirect economic impacts
Goal: SkiStar will be a leading advocate of sustainable tourism at the company’s destinations, with growth in visitor numbers.
Outcome 2019/20: Expected growth within tourism and hospitality during the winter season came to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. A positive trend in the number of overnight stays was seen during the summer season, with the county of Jämtland seeing the strongest growth**; an area that includes SkiStar’s destinations of Åre and Vemdalen.
UN Global Goals: 8.1, 8.9

Goal: SkiStar will work to encourage more children and young people to get active, whatever their circumstances.
Outcome 2019/20: SkiStar strives to constantly inspire people’s enthusiasm for keeping active. Some examples of SkiStar’s contribution to increasing activity among children and young people during the 2019/20 winter season include:
- Giving out 2,826 free Skipasses to children and young people under the age of 15 staying at SkiStar’s destinations.
- Over 35,000 children attended Valle’s Ski School.
- SkiStar launched a collaboration with Save the Children and Generation Pep as part of the Digifritids initiative to get children and young people exercising more and eating healthy food.
UN Global Goals: 3.D


* The drugs and alcohol tests are only carried out at SkiStar’s Swedish destinations.


** Statistics from Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth – compared year on year.

● Completed ◖ Started ○ Not started