Sustainability Governance

SkiStar’s sustainability governance is based on the critical sustainability areas that have been identified as part of a materiality analysis. This enables SkiStar to satisfy expectations that are imposed on the company.

It is also a way of raising awareness among all stakeholders and employees and allows SkiStar to meet the opportunities and challenges associated with the sustainability aspects.

In addition to the application of relevant laws and guidelines, work is also under way to integrate the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into SkiStar’s targets and strategies.


Risk management

Like all companies and business operations, SkiStar is exposed to various risks related to the business. The company’s operations include sustainability as a parameter that is evaluated based on opportunities and risks in all business decisions.

Management of sustainability risks is an integral aspect of the Group’s risk management process.

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Internal controls

Based on the details given above, several different policies and regulatory documents were drawn up, revised and approved during the year. This makes it easier for SkiStar’s employees to find information about how everyone is expected to act, as well as when and why.

Code of Conduct

SkiStar’s Code of Conduct was approved by SkiStar’s Board of Directors during the year. It clarifies SkiStar’s guidelines and values, creates transparency and functions as a blueprint for how SkiStar’s employees should behave towards one another and the people they meet as part of their day-to-day work, including guests, suppliers and collaborative partners.

It also explains that SkiStar supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact regarding human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption, as well as the ILO’s eight fundamental conventions concerning minimum standards for working conditions.


In addition to the above-mentioned Code of Conduct, SkiStar also has several operational policies. The purpose of these policies is to create transparency and clarify how to pursue operations with a long-term, sustainable approach to generate growth and develop the company.

All SkiStar employees will undergo online training to increase their awareness and understanding of how SkiStar is expected to act and respond to its operating environment. The purpose of the training is to increase understanding of how sustainability aspects should be observed in all areas of the business, and how they should be a natural consideration for every employee at all levels and in all decisions. All the company’s policies are available on SkiStar’s intranet. All policies are revised annually.

Supplier Code of Conduct

SkiStar also has a Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets out obligations and expectations that the company has of its suppliers, to ensure responsible procurement and purchasing. All SkiStar’s suppliers are expected to sign the Supplier Code of Conduct and action will be taken in the event of any breaches.

The Supplier Code of Conduct imposes requirements for several perspectives to be considered when making purchases and in procurement processes, such as availability, sustainability aspects and legislation in the respective country. Availability varies among the different types of purchases, with a limited number of suppliers for primarily lifts, piste machinery and snowmobiles.

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