Stakeholder dialogue and materiality analysis

In order to determine SkiStar's essential sustainability areas, SkiStart's stakeholders have been engaged and conducted an materiality analysis.

Stakeholder Dialoge and materiality analysis

Writing SkiStar’s sustainability report in accordance with GRI guidelines was facilitated by identifying, prioritising and validating sustainability areas that are relevant for SkiStar. An assessment was subsequently made of the materiality of these areas. An internal analysis has been carried out as a first step, with the aim of identifying material sustainability topics.

The sustainability topics have been drawn up in dialogue with business area managers to ensure that all operations are covered by the selection. This internal analysis has identified a selection of sustainability topics. An online materiality analysis was then conducted, aimed at identifying and prioritising the critical areas.

SkiStar involved its stakeholders when carrying out the materiality analysis. These stakeholders were identified via the respective business area. Stakeholder involvement facilitates the company’s work on long-term sustainable solutions going forward. Beyond this, additional stakeholder dialogues were carried out via employee and guest surveys, and through meetings and discussions with suppliers.

The analyses carried out identified the priority sustainability topics for SkiStar set out below.

The following categories of stakeholder have taken part: