Valle makes a real difference

Over the years Valle has been a role model for many children, and this winter the Valle concept is being further developed to offer even more educational entertainment. Valle wants to inspire children to learn, move, be healthy and create a lifelong interest in the thing he loves most of all – snow. In this way, Valle can make a real difference.

Valle's Igloo Den (Valles Hygglo) on YouTube

At long last, Valle is getting his very own kids TV show where, in a storybook style, kids get to experience Valle's own home: Valle's Igloo Den (Valles Hygglo).

Valle's Igloo Den (Valles Hygglo) is a ten-episode series with a focus on learning and fun. In each episode, an unexpected figure glides in through the door of Valle's icy Igloo Den. They need Valle's expert knowledge to help them solve various problems. Valle's Igloo Den (Valles Hygglo) takes Valle's values and message to the next level.
Premieres on YouTube on 10 November!


Fun and learning with Valle's App

This winter, a number of exciting experiences will be launched in Valle's App, with a focus on increasing children's knowledge of health, the environment and social responsibility in an entertaining way.

Valle's World

In Valle's app, you can learn Valle's rules of the slopes, build ski slopes and create your own audio loops in Valle's magic machine. The app also contains the story of Valle and his very own song: We love snow, as well as Valle's latest music video I'm a Skistar. Play, have fun, dance and sing together with Valle all year round.

The app features segments on the joy of movement, where kids and Valle demonstrate inspirational exercises that leave you feeling pepped up and with a sense of well-being. The app also features a game that teaches kids about food in a fun way, with a focus on enjoying food. Valle's App uses Valle's core values to inspire kids to demonstrate positive behaviour and be good skiing buddies.
The new developments will be launched during the 2019/20 winter season. 


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