Health and active leisure time

In addition to economic, social and environmental areas of responsibility, SkiStar works with health and active leisure time as a priority sustainability area, where SkiStar has an opportunity to make a considerable difference.

As SkiStar is convinced that an active lifestyle with friends and family contributes significantly to a healthy life, the company is constantly looking for new opportunities to create the conditions for such a lifestyle. This is about stimulating growth in activities linked to a mountain setting, while also providing opportunities and inspiration for 52 weeks of exercise. Interest in health and wellbeing has increased and the trend to stay active while away on holiday is continuing to grow. SkiStar tries to promote health and active leisure time via various initiatives, which are detailed below.

  • SkiStar offered a free SkiPass for the 2019/20 winter season to 2,826 children and young people under the age of 15 living in a municipality at one of SkiStar’s destinations in Sälen, Åre, Vemdalen, Trysil and Hemsedal.
  • During Valle’s Winter Weeks, skiing, ski school and ski rental are free for children up to the age of six. In the 2019/20 winter season, over 5,000 children took part in Valle’s Winter Weeks.
  • MySkiStar grew by over 80,000 members compared with 2018/19. MySkiStar is a customer club offering guests access to skiing statistics, discounts and partner offers. At the end of the 2019/20 financial year, MySkiStar had over 970,000 registered users.
  • SkiStar wants its ski school to inspire a lifelong interest in skiing, which is why enjoyment of skiing forms the basis of all lessons. Over 80,000 children and adults took part in one of SkiStar’s ski schools in 2019/20.
  • At Valle’s Ski School, children learn how to be safe and confident skiers, with the support of highly qualified ski instructors and Valle the Snowman. Over 35,000 children took part in Valle’s Ski School in the 2019/20 winter season.