Employees engagement is essential for SkiStar. Motivated and satisfied employees will provide good service for guests, and our guests are always at the core of SkiStar’s operations.

If guests experience good service, they will come back. This is an extremely important factor in generating long-term profitability. To have motivated employees, there are several elements that are vital to the company’s success. SkiStar is a big employer. At all its destinations, SkiStar has collective agreements that regulate minimum wages and employee rights in relation to the employer. All SkiStar employees, except for the CEO, are covered by collective agreements.

Work environment, health and safety

Health and safety include both safe and secure workplaces for Group employees, good working conditions and a healthy work/life balance. Living and working at one of SkiStar’s destinations allows good opportunities for an active lifestyle in a natural alpine environment. Each SkiStar destination has a work environment team that ensures the organisation works systematically with health and safety, which includes, for example, regular safety inspections and risk assessment of operations. SkiStar also has a robust crisis management organisation at each destination, with procedures for escalating to crisis mode in the event of serious incidents. Crisis management exercises are carried out every year to improve our ability to handle serious situations. 

SkiStar carries out regular employee surveys to ensure a good and pleasant work environment. These employee surveys also serve to identify areas where there is potential for improvement. Following the surveys, three focus areas are selected that SkiStar then works on to bring about further improvement, and to respond to employees’ preferences and expectations. Health checks are also carried out regularly to prevent occupational risks and contribute to the physical wellbeing of the company’s employees. Performance and salary reviews are conducted annually with all employees.

Diversity and equality

Equal treatment and rights apply regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, beliefs, disability or age. SkiStar does not accept any form of discrimination and takes strong action in response to incidents and conduct that contravenes SkiStar’s policies and directives. The company’s corporate culture is characterised by values and attitudes that are consistent with SkiStar’s diversity policy. As with other policies, the diversity policy is reviewed annually. Responsibility for active gender equality work lies with each department/business area manager. SkiStar has a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination and discriminatory treatment. SkiStar places great emphasis on the importance of valuing differences and diversity. SkiStar works to create an inclusive working environment, an important aspect of which is for all employees to feel a sense of belonging.


Another key issue for both the company and the industry is recruitment and ensuring that the right skills are available in the future. SkiStar’s mountain locations mean that it needs to devote considerable time to developing partnerships with companies that run similar seasonal operations during the summer months, and the company works closely with local firms in the tourism industry. SkiStar uses an online recruitment tool that promotes a qualitative selection process. SkiStar’s values are matched with those of potential candidates. A well-structured recruitment process lays the ground for successful appointments, which then contribute to the prevailing positive corporate culture.

Employer for young people

SkiStar has provided work for more than 11,000 young people aged 18 to 24 over the past ten years, and the company receives thousands of new applications every year. Being a big employer for young people and offering a way into the job market is an important recruitment strategy for SkiStar. Launching school partnerships and offering work experience placements are just some examples of how SkiStar is working to attract young people even before they enter the labour market and start looking for their first job. SkiStar makes a concerted effort to recruit and attract employees from the local areas around SkiStar’s ski resorts. A job with SkiStar provides a great deal of significant experience and opportunities to develop in areas like service, teamwork and interaction with guests. Combining stimulating tasks with the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle and a strong sense of belonging among colleagues boosts SkiStar’s appeal as an employer.

Training and education

To ensure that employees maintain and develop their skills and to guarantee future needs, the Group places great emphasis on training and education. All employees complete an online course every year, which focuses on important areas such as sustainability, GDPR and working environment. In addition, SkiStar implements an annual internal leadership programme, and a trainee programme that aims to provide continuity for key functions. Since SkiStar’s operations are seasonal, there is a substantial need for seasonal employees. Every winter season, the workforce is made up of roughly two-thirds returning employees and one-third new. This puts pressure on the company to ensure that recruitment, training and staff inductions are systematic and simple, so that a large volume of seasonal employees is well prepared in a short period of time. As an employer, SkiStar is extremely proud of its ability to offer many young people the chance to gain professional experience and the opportunity to develop their skills in their working lives. Many of SkiStar’s employees choose to stay on within the organisation, but with new duties or at a different destination. All employees are encouraged to further develop their skills internally, and combined positions are common.