Economic responsibility

SkiStar’s mission is to create long-term stable value for shareholders, guests and other stakeholders.

Pursuing a proactive strategy while balancing operational risk and creating a stable return in the long term requires a strong financial base, where the objective is to achieve a minimum equity ratio of 35 percent. More about financial targets and outcome»

Taxes are a statutory cost that impacts returns, while also constituting a responsibility issue for SkiStar as a corporate citizen. SkiStar has operations in Sweden, Norway and Austria and complies with the tax legislation of each country.

SkiStar operates in sparsely populated areas of both Sweden and Norway. Via SkiStar’s operations, other operators that are complementary to a certain extent may offer services within and near the destinations, including restaurants, hotels and other alpine activities. Both visitors to the region in the form of tourists and permanent residents benefit from an operator that adopts a long-term and sustainable approach to alpine tourism. SkiStar’s presence helps boost the tourism industry, which in turn generates tax revenues for society. In addition, improvements to infrastructure have a positive impact on the region.


SkiStar’s risk management and regulatory documents cover anti-corruption. SkiStar’s anti-corruption efforts primarily aim to counteract corruption within the company. This is achieved by analyzing the risks associated with corruption, establishing purchasing procedures and guidelines that cover how to handle potential bribery to counteract incidents, and monitoring and acting if a case of corruption is confirmed. All SkiStar’s employees will undergo training in how to combat corruption, in order to improve knowledge and raise awareness. SkiStar has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bribery and corruption.

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