Economic responsibility

SkiStar’s mission is to create long-term, sustainable value for shareholders via stable and solid finances.

Solid finances are also important to satisfying expectations from guests and other stakeholders in the long term. The alpine ski industry requires large capital investments to maintain and increase competitiveness. This means that the financial targets are established to create a strong cash flow. SkiStar’s CEO and management team have overall responsibility for ensuring operations are directed towards achieving these financial targets. For details regarding goals, outcomes and financial risks, please find more details here.

Several financial targets are established each year, which are continually followed up during the year in connection with internal reports and quarterly reporting to the Board of Directors. Taxes affect return but are also a responsibility issue for SkiStar as a corporate citizen. SkiStar complies with the tax legislation in each country in which operations are conducted.

SkiStar operates in sparsely populated areas of both Sweden and Norway. SkiStar’s presence boosts the tourism industry and gives other operators that are complementary to a certain extent an opportunity to offer services within and near the destinations, including restaurants, hotels and other alpine activities. These activities provide jobs in the local area and thus increased tax revenues, which in turn allow opportunities for a positive impact on the region in the form of improvements to infrastructure. Visitors to the region, permanent residents and local businesses benefit from an operator that adopts a long-term and sustainable approach to alpine tourism.


SkiStar’s risk management and regulatory documents cover anti-corruption. SkiStar’s anticorruption efforts primarily aim to counteract corruption within the company. This is achieved by analysing risks associated with corruption and establishing purchasing procedures and guidelines to counteract incidents, and monitoring and acting on confirmed cases of corruption. All SkiStar’s employees are trained in how to combat corruption, in order to improve knowledge and raise awareness. SkiStar has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bribery and corruption. A whistleblower service has been set up to reduce the risks associated with corruption.