SkiStar as an investment

SkiStar_investering_ENG.pngSkiStar is a market leading operator of ski resorts in Sweden, Norway and Austria, whose offering and efficient organisation has generated consistent growth with stable profitability.

The company holds a dominant position in Scandinavia, and its business model has proved to be scalable via the development of St. Johann in Tirol. The trend of active leisure time and holidays means that SkiStar will further strengthen its position in the future.

Sales have purposely focused on, where SkiStar is able to monitor customers’ engagement and target offers more effectively. This is a competitive advantage.

The company also owns substantial assets in the form of land and properties at the destinations where SkiStar operates. Exploitation operations generate capital gains, but also strategic projects that increase the number of beds, and thus potentially also guest numbers, for core operations.

* Figures related to 2017/18 have not been adjusted for the share split 2:1 implemented in January 2019.

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