Shareholder Discount

Shareholders receive discounts on all of SkiStar's destinations.

Those who own shares in SkiStar are offered a 15% discount on SkiPass/LiftPass, ski school and ski rental/bike rental (when managed by SkiStar). The discount also applies to the climbing parks in Sälen and Åre and on online shopping at

The discount applies to shareholders that own at least 200 shares in SkiStar and is registered in our customer database*. Read more about booking with shareholder discount and the full terms Shareholder Discount Terms.

New customer/shareholder?

If you haven’t previously purchased anything on, you must register your customer information and personal number on "My Page".

For more information, contact or contact us by phone +46 (0) 280-880 95.


*You may only use the discount on regular prices, and it cannot be combined with other discounts. The customer data base is updated on a monthly basis, approx. 10 banking days after the end of the month, so please observe that the discount may not aggregate directly after you have liquidated/paid for the shares. The shareholder discount also applies to the shareholder's family (spouse / husband / cohabitant and own children under 18 years).