Audit Committee

The Audit Committee monitors that financial reporting is of high quality.

The Audit Committee is responsible for ensuring that financial reporting maintains a high standard. The Committee also maintains regular contact with the Company’s auditors, produces guidelines on negotiating service contracts with the Group’s auditing firm and evaluates auditing activities. In addition, the Committee assists the Nomination Committee in the nomination for election and remuneration of auditors. The Audit Committee does not have decision-making power, but prepares and reports on matters to the Board as a whole.

At the board meeting held on 9 December 2023, it was decided that SkiStar’s Audit Committee should consist of the following members:

lena apler2018.jpg Gunilla_Rudebjer_2020.jpg fredrik paulsson2018.jpg
Lena Apler
Gunilla Rudebjer
Fredrik Paulsson
Carina Åkerström