SkiStar's Strategies

A key feature of efforts to develop SkiStar from purely a winter and lift company to a mountain tourism company all year round with a focus on guests is the updated strategic plan elaborated within the strategic framework.

These efforts are based in part on shifting travel patterns, new holiday habits year-round with a focus on activities together with friends and family in Scandinavia, and in part on greater demand among guests for all-in mountain experiences whereby quality accommodation is playing an increasingly important role, together with modern, weatherproofed skiing areas with a focus on alpine skiing.

In 2020/21 we therefore updated our strategic framework, developing our vision and more concrete targets and strategies. Our previous six strategies were transformed into five. To achieve our goals and strengthen our position as the leading holiday organiser for Scandinavia, we need to further develop our core operations, find more sources of income, manage sustainable property transactions, meet customers where they want to be and create future business. Our foundations permeate everything we do. Safe and Secure is our promise to guests, as is sustainability, together with our employees and culture, which are a prerequisite today for achieving success and results.

Read more about our strategies in our latest annual and sustainability report 2020/21.