The overall goal is for the value of shareholders’ capital to increase sustainably over the long term.

Financial targets

SkiStar updated its financial targets & dividend policy on 12 October 2023. Press release.

Updated mid-term financial targets
SkiStar’s Board of Directors has adopted the following financial targets:

•    Growth: Operating income should increase on average by 6 percent annually over this period. This refers to organic growth adjusted for acquisitions and currency effects. An acquired company is classified as an acquisition during the initial twelve-month period after the acquisition date. Only after this period has passed is the company included in the calculation of organic growth.

•    Margin: On average, the operating margin should be 18 percent. This updated target takes into account the changes to the accounting practices relating to mediated accommodation revenue that the company implemented in the second quarter of 2020/21. The previous margin target was to exceed 22 percent. The change to the margin target is fully explained by the accounting change. In addition, the company's operations have changed since the previous target was established, primarily in terms of hotel operations having a lower margin than the average.

•    Debt structure: Interest-bearing net debt should be less than 2.5 x EBITDA, excluding IFRS 16 effects. Temporary deviations might occur, but must not exceed 2.5x over the period.

A more flexible dividend policy
The Board has further decided upon an updated dividend policy. The target is that 40-60 percent of the year's profit after tax should be distributed to the shareholders. The dividend level proposed by the Board will be adjusted annually, taking into account the company's strategy, financial position, risk level and investment needs.

SkiStar’s strategic climate target initiatives

SkiStar aims to protect nature, just as nature protects us. Through ambitious climate targets and the establishment of more circular systems, we are working to reduce our impact and enable our guests to make climate-smart choices. By 2030 we will reduce our total carbon footprint by 50 percent, in line with the target for the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement’s limit on a global temperature increase of under two degrees.

SkiStar & sustainability