SkiStar's Strategies

Well-managed products and services result in a high percentage of returning guests. These in turn represent our best marketing tools.

Operational strategies

  • By providing a well-developed infrastructure, our guests should be able to find everything they need within walking distance. Accommodation and skiing areas should be linked to provide a wide range of accommodation close to the lifts. A Ski-in Ski-out concept enables our guests to be less reliant on their cars as a means of transport during their stay.
  • Developing the Group’s snowmaking systems is a top priority. These systems have been modernized and continually expanded to ensure we offer good skiing conditions, regardless of the amount of natural snow.
  • Our destinations have individual profiles and therefore should, as a combined offering, attract large customer groups.
  • SkiStar will work to ensure that there is a wide range of affordable transport options for each destination, primarily through agreements with external providers and, secondarily, by offering our own transport solutions.

Leadership and service strategies

  • SkiStar aims to ensure that it has a corporate culture centred on learning, high standards of performance, consideration for others, a guestcentred approach and pride in what we do. Our leadership will also encourage an attitude of openness to change – to build on previous improvements.
  • The service we provide to our guests will be continually enhanced. Our strategy for achieving this is based on professional selection processes in recruitment activities, coupled with training and regular follow-up.
  • Our alpine destinations will be continually improved in response to feedback from our guests and their wishes, resulting in an even higher number of satisfied and returning guests.
  • Efforts to improve access and to increase simplicity and convenience for our guests will always be in focus.

Marketing and sales strategies

  • The primary purpose of the company’s marketing and sales strategies is to increase the number, and maximise the percentage of, alpine skiers at SkiStar’s destinations.
  • The SkiStar brand and SkiStar’s destinations should be highlighted and strengthened through marketing and customising the message for different target groups.
  • Coordination of sales through a single website and a single telephone number will enable increased cross-sales and better service, as well as improved efficiency and optimisation of the range of accommodation options at each of our destinations.
  • A higher percentage of advance sales secures a greater portion of earnings at an early stage, even before the start of the season, which means less risk and a more even cash flow.
  • Increasing the share of online sales cuts selling expenses and expands our customer register for marketing activities.
  • Attracting more visitors to our website provides an opportunity to generate add-on sales.
  • Customers purchasing a ski trip to a SkiStar destination are customers of SkiStar and guests at their chosen destination.

Sustainability strategies

  • SkiStar’s sustainability strategy is built on the company’s vision. SkiStar will safeguard the unique alpine environment in which the company operates by considering all sustainability aspects in the business, with the aim of creating memorable mountain experiences.
  • SkiStar will offer its guests active holidays that improve their health and wellbeing, with positive knock-on effects for society.
  • Sustainability strategies will be incorporated into the company’s other operations.

Cross-learning and benchmarking

  • SkiStar’s employees have extensive experience and knowledge of how to operate alpine ski resorts. Meetings with industry colleagues at our various destinations ensure a continual process of crosslearning. Comparing activities and operating models at our various resorts enables us to improve the efficiency of our operations and strengthen the relationship with our guests, thus establishing a foundation for increased growth and profitability.
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