About SkiStar

SkiStar's vision is to create memorable mountain experiences as the leading operator of European alpine destinations. SkiStar AB (publ) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap segment. The Group owns and operates Alpine ski resorts in Sälen, Åre and Vemdalen, and Hammarbybacken (Stockholm) in Sweden, Hemsedal and Trysil in Norway as well as St. Johann in Tirol in Austria.

SkiStar's market share in Sweden was 53 percent. The market share in Norway was 29 percent, while the share for Scandinavia was 43 percent. The core business is alpine skiing, with a focus on the guest’s overall skiing experience. Operations are divided into two segments; Operation of Ski Resorts and Property Development & Exploitation.

As the leading operator of European alpine destinations, SkiStar's business concept is to provide memorable winter experiences offering value for guests, employees and other interested parties, which, in turn, creates value for our shareholders.

The group's business model and fundamental strategy are based on offering the entire range of accomodation at all of SkiStar's destinations through one distribution channel, thereby ensuring a high occupancy level and providing the conditions to maximise the sale of SkiPasses. In order to achieve this, SkiStar strives to guarantee that all operators at its destinations offer a product and a service of such quality that this results in satisfied, returing guests. Sales of SkiPasses are the most significant value driver in SkiStar's operations.