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Alpine skiing is our core activity, with the guest's ski experience in the centre. The selection consists of Scandinavia's five largest ski resorts: Sälen, Åre and Vemdalen in Sweden, as well as Trysil and Hemsedal in Norway, and the familiar ski resort St. Johann in Austrian Tyrol as well as Hammarbybacken in the centre of Stockholm.

Our ski resorts - Sälen, Vemdalen, Åre, Trysil, Hemsedal and St. Johann - are all full-scale ski resorts with an extensive range of restaurants, cafes/bars, entertainment, activities and service. The ski resorts each have their own character with unique skiing experiences. The ski resorts offer high-quality service and SkiStar's unique concept and services: online shopping skistarshop.com, group and conference concept SkiStar Business, cooperative concept SkiStar Vacation Club, family experiences with the snowman Valle in the forefront, youth venture SkiStar Snow Parks and, not least of all, MySkiStar, which includes a digital travel guide during the ski vacation, bonus on all online purchases and a unique service that makes skiing more fun with personal ski statistics, pins and promotions linked to the skiing - all completely unique to SkiStar. As a customer you will be offered to take advantage of discounts and promotions before anyone else, bonus on everything purchased at skistar.com. The bonus can be used as payment for booking a trip or for purchases at skistarshop.com where we have a collection of clothing and equipment for mountain sports from leading brands.

SkiStar AB (publ) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap segment. The market share in Sweden is 50%, in Norway it is 31% and in Scandinavia 41%. Operations are divided into three segments; Ski Resorts - Operation, Infrastructure and Exploitation. 

SkiStars vision

SkiStar will create memorable mountain experiences, as the 
leading provider of European alpine destinations.


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