Valle Kids Club

Let the kids join Valle Kids Club, guaranteed to cure restless legs. Using the mountain as his playground, Valle and his activity leaders bring the children along on unforgettable adventures. Valle Kids Club is for children between 4 and 9 years old and offers them the chance to make new friends, learn lots of new things and enjoy themselves in our fantastic mountain environment.


Every day in Valle Kids Club, the children get a new secret mission - to solve it, the children go on a mountain excursion together with a reliable leader. Through games, cooperation and Valle's enjoyable challenges and assignments, the children learn about the animals and plants of the mountains and how we should treat both ourselves and the environment. And as always when Valle is involved, the joy of movement is very much present!

Valle Kids Club summer 2022

Valle Kids Club's first summer was a success and Valle and his activity leaders are sure to meet all young adventurers, young and old alike, again in the summer of 2022.

News! This summer, 3-year-olds also get the chance to join Valle on the adventures in Valle Kids Club.

When is Valle Kids club?

Sälen: Week 26-32

Valle Kids Club runs for 2 days and starts on Fridays or 3 days starting on Tuesdays. The kids are divided into groups for ages 3 years, 4-6 years and 7-9 years.