Teen Camp Bike

Teen Camp Bike make mountain holidays even more attractive for children who are a bit older. Kids aged 8-15 will meet new friends at the same time as they get to challenge themselves and try out mountain biking in an effortless way. Under the guidance of our skilled guides, children get to experience the excitement of cycling in a mountain environment.


Teen Camp Bike Trail

Teen Camp Bike Trail in Sälen, Åre and Trysil is a fun and easy way for 8-15 year olds to socialise and develop. The joy of movement and fellowship are key words here and the opportunity to challenge yourself on trails, pump tracks and XC cycling.

Together with our guides, the children will help each other through various exercises and challenges to dare to try out brand new things.

Teen Camp Bike Trail participants do not need a Lift- or TrailPass to participate, but are given access to the areas and lifts during the activity.

New! Teen Camp Bike Downhill

Team Camp Bike Downhill is available in Åre for 12-15 year olds who are looking for extra speed. The children can hang out with new friends and our inspirational guides on our downhill courses, where there are different elements of jumps, drops and banked bends.

In addition to cycling, Teen Camp Bike also offers great and fun hangout with the guides and new friends - nothing creates a bond like doing things together!

A LiftPass is required for participants in Teen Camp Bike Downhill.

When is Teen Camp Bike taking place?

Sälen: Week 26-32 (starting the week of 20 Dec.)

Åre: Week 26-32 (starting the week of 20 Dec.)

Trysil: Week 26-32 (starting the week of 20 Dec.)

To be able to retain energy throughout the workout, it's a good idea for children to carry some form of energy replenishment in their pockets so that they can eat during the session.


Teen Camp Bike lasts for 2 days and starts on Fridays or 3 days starting on Tuesdays. The children are grouped together according to age and previous cycling experience.

Bikes are not included. You can pre-book your bike rental at skistar.com. For your own safety, a helmet is mandatory for all our bike-based activities.