11 Sep - 13 Sep

Spartan Race

The best obstacle course race in the world!

Lodging during the Spartan Race

The Spartan Race is the leading OCR (Obstacle Course Race) and offers racing for all fitness levels - a sporting adventure for everyone! The finish area offers everything from food to entertainment for spectators and participants.

Three kinds of Spartan Race

A Spartan Sprint is the best introduction to the world of obstacle course races. These runs, which are at least 5 kilometres in length and have over 15 obstacles, offer fun for all - from beginners to pros. The shorter sprint distance often serves as a test for newbies at the elite level. And for the beginners, it's a good place to start if aiming for the coveted Trifecta medal (achieved by running a Sprint, a Super and a Beast in one calendar year).

The Spartan Super promises everything that the heart of a true obstacle course racer craves. With a distance of 13+ kilometres and 20+ obstacles, the race resembles a battlefield. The Spartan Super will push you to your physical and mental limits, bring out your competitive instinct and drag you over the finish line through pure willpower.

The Spartan Beast is the most ferocious course, over a gruelling 20+ kilometres and 25+ obstacles. Do you have what it takes? Then accept the challenge and get out of your comfort zone! Our Beast format will push you beyond your limits and bring you face-to-face with your inner demons. No excuses, no mercy, no giving up.

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