Summer 2019 news in Sälen

For the 2019 summer season a number of new initiatives will be launched in Sälen to make your holiday even better! These include new bike trails for adults and children, a new flow trail, and the possibility to bike in two countries during one holiday.

Cycling for kids

For all the small bike stars out there SkiStar offers a wide range of experiences. At the Sälfjällstorget plaza you'll find the brand new trail "Jättelätt" ("Super easy"), an exciting addition to the child cycling trails in Lindvallen. In addition there is a Children's Bike Park, Valle's Downhill and pump tracks at both the Gustavstorget and Experiumtorget plazas. For the smallest, the best way to discover Lindvallen on bike is via Valle's Bike Trail, which takes you from Valletorget plaza in southern Lindvallen to Sälfjällstorget plaza in the north and vice versa. If you want to enjoy beautiful views and biking in the mountains, the easies way is to take the Gustav Express chair lift to the top and bike to e.g. Stensjön lake. One of the funniest winter family activities Kexchokladjakten (the Chocolate Hunt) will also be available as a summer version where the children look for letters along Valle's Bike Trail. 

Scott Vertical Challenge

Take on this summer's most awesome challenge! Challenge yourself, family and friends to find out who is the fastest up the mountain on a trail that extends 2.15 km from Sälfjällstorget plaza all the way to the summit of the Gustav slope. The trail has a total vertical gain of 230 metres and a varied surface including trail, mountain terrain and swampier parts. The trail route, time measuring and top performer lists can be found in the exercise app Srava which you'll find in the App Store or Google Play. Scott Vertical Challenge is open daily 20 June - 22 September. 

New trails in Sälen Bike Park 

Experium trail (blue)
The family-friendly and fast-paced Experium trail is back on the map. A gentle and long, partially excavated bike trail that offers great views with many varied parts on the way from Gustav Express mountain station to the Experiumtorget plaza.

Jättelätt/Super Easy (green)
A DH trail on the Sälfjällstorget plaza for the smallest. A gently meandering excavated trail that is a perfect step up to DH cycling, like the Valle DH at the Gustavstorget plaza.

Moonshine (red)
A brand new trail that extends from the top of Jolly Jumper down to the last part of the Pink Trail (Rosa Leden). This trail offers natural single track with off camber* segments, hilly terrain and a beautiful flow all the way. The perfect next step for those who want to take the leap from our excavated trails to the forest. Technically low curves, large altitude differences and varying terrain for good speed and awesome flow all the way down. 

Hugin (red)
A medium difficulty single track that is a bit rougher. This trail is marked red and offers great, fast segments, challenging rocky segments, drops and a large altitude differences. A perfect warm up before tackling the Sherpa trail.

The classic Dropzone on the cyclist's left side of the Gustav Express has had a facelift. The drop will remain but on the segment prior to the drop there will now be two jump lines - red and black. This makes it possible to develop your jumping technique and to take a breath and get your flow back before you finish the ride with the drop down to the Gustav Express valley station.

The popular Northshore makes a comeback in an updated version. The area offers meandering wood constructions in the forest area next to the Dropzone. Practice your balance and bike control on three lines ranging from blue to black.

*off camber: curves leaning the wrong way

Cycling in two countries

The biggest mountain destinations in Sweden and Norway - Sälen and Trysil - offer stunning mountains, thrilling bike parks, fantastic trails and extensive gravel roads that together offer you a cycling experience that goes far beyond the ordinary.

Sälen offers downhill biking in the Sälen Bike Park and a wide range of family biking, with Valle's bike trails and the Kids' Bike Park for the little ones. At the Experiumtorget and Gustavstorget plazas you'll find pump tracks and there's heaps of fantastic mountain biking around the mountain.

Trysil is Norway's leading destination for trail riding. There are trails to suit everyone in Gullia, plus one of Europe's longest flow trails that's linked up to the Fjellekspressen chairlift.

With the SkiStar Lodge Experium in Sälen or the Radisson Blu Resort Trysil as your base you have optimal opportunities for bathing, bowling and other activities under the same roof, ensuring that your holiday is the very best experience possible. With selected accommodation packages, you can cycle in both Sälen and Trysil during the same stay

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