Åre Bike Park's XC trails

A brief description of Åre Bike Park's XC trails. Why not try them all?

1 - KOPPARN - BLUE -1.2 km (4.9 km when combined with MINERALEN)

A fun short loop starting from the point where Mineralen crosses a link trail. A short climb is followed by a series of fun downhill bends. Try letting go of the brake a little more each ride! The trail then climbs back to the start through a series of great turns. Cycle down via Mineralen or do another lap!

2 - MINERALEN - BLUE - 3.8 km

A great XC route that starts at Björnen's central trail with a nice easy climb in a beautiful birch forest, followed by a long and sweeping downhill through the Sadeln area before a climb back to the centre of Björnen. A wide, even and easy trail suitable for most cyclists.

3 - VALLES GRUVGÅNG - GREEN - 150 metres

A cycle trail for kids through an exciting wonderland.

4 - DYNAMITEN - GREEN - 500 metres

A short loop for young cyclists looking to get started with cycling and learn on a wide and even trail with some fun technical features.


Begins at the ski tunnel under the Vig Björnen road and winds nicely uphill on the ski slope before winding down via gorgeous berms in a beautiful pine forest. It's easy to do a few loops if you feel like it

Photo: Simon Sjören

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