Black hike

How fast do I walk?
Weather, physical ability, coffee breaks and unexpected events can significantly change the estimated time. Take this into consideration when planning your hike.

WATCH OUT for cyclists!
Parts of trails 210, 211, 214 and 216 on the south side of the Åreskutan mountain are also used by downhill cyclists and work vehicles. Pay attention to warning signs, around crests and bends and only walk on the marked hiking trails.


Challenge your legs and lungs, get rewarded with stunningly beautiful views and pure serenity. The trail has been given its name because it mostly goes steeply uphill. Take the funicular Bergbanan (Å33) and then hike trail 213 on the side of Totthummeln mountain and further up towards Lillskutan and the Åreskutan summit. Then continue along trail 214 down to the VM6:an (Å31) mountain station. Take the lift down if you don't want to continue the hike down to Åre Torg square.
Trail length: 8 km
Duration: 4 - 4.5 hours
Lift opening hours: Read more 

Eastern summit trail

This tour is mostly downhill. Take the cable car Kabinbanan, or the VM8 and Gondola up, and hike to Åreskutan summit (214). Enjoy a perfectly cooked waffle at the summit cafe, Toppstugan, before continuing down the mountain (215) to Fjällgården. Take the funicular Bergbanan to Åre Torg square or continue hiking along the 212 trail. Eat a packed lunch at Nalleklippan.
Trail length: 6.8 - 8.3 km
Duration2.5 - 3 hours
Lift opening hoursRead more 

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