MTB cycling

Pedal off toward great summer mountain experiences. Our mountains offer a wide range of varied MTB biking. Cycling in the mountains is suitable for both young and old, experienced cyclists and beginners. Take the lift up to the summit to head downhill at top speed on one of our trails, or to enjoy a bike ride across the mountains with far-stretching views.

Come to us for the chance to experience a wide range of cycling, designed to test your balance, courage and condition – if you're willing!

Trail biking

The trails are mechanically prepared and relatively wide, flat and free of roots and stones. In order to keep the trails dry and to protect the environment, bridges, crossings and drainage have been built. In other words, the trails are suitable for most cyclists, and children and adults will have a great time cycling together.


The downhill trails consist mainly of mechanically excavated trails running down the mountain. They have varying degrees of difficulty, classed as green, blue, red and black, and include features such as jumps, drops and graded bends. You need a BikePass to reach the top of the trails, and you will need protective gear for yourself and a bike with suspension. Downhill is suitable for older children to adults who can ride a bike, depending on the difficulty level of the trail.

Pump track

A pump track is a short loop built with jumps and bends, shaped in a way that helps you generate speed and propel yourself forwards by "pumping" your body up and down, instead of pedalling. They are an easy technical exercise for cyclists of all sizes.

Skills area

A skills area is where you can train jumps, bends and balance by cycling around different elements, such as logs and rocks. They represent a challenge for all ages, although you decide how much you want to push yourself. 

XC cycling

XC, or Cross Country, cycling involves cycling on paths and forest tracks, following marked trails or just going where your bike takes you. A trip can last just a few kilometres, or take you far and wide, with the focus on condition and endurance rather than technical ability. 


Bicycle helmets are mandatory in all cycling arenas.