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Primus Lite Plus Black

All-in-one stove

Lite+ sets a new standard for compact all-in-one stoves. The unique locking mechanism (patent pending) makes the stove very stable and thanks to the model's Laminar Flow Burner Technology (patent pending), the burner is lower than would otherwise be possible, allowing for a more robust, lighter and smaller stove. Perfect for a solo adventure or coffee for two – with the optional cafetiere you'll have two freshly brewed cups of coffee within a few minutes! The stove and all its accessories including a 100 gram gas tube, fits into the stove's 500 ml hard anodized aluminium saucepan. Lite+ also has a heat-resistant pouch made of the durable material G-1000 with a felt inside. The case also has a handle in webbing, for safe handling and the possibility to use the stove hanging up. The lid reduces cooking time and holds together the parts in the backpack - and also works great as a mug! Lite + is delivered with a foot rest that allows the stove to remain stable even on uneven surfaces and a hanging device with a hook. Lite + comes with 3 pins that make it possible to use other pots than the one it comes with. Gas is not included.