Most shoes today are sold with a flat standard sole which does not give the foot any support. A problem which often occurs with ski boots, is that the heel of the foot presses down towards the sole when you tighten the ski boot, which causes cramp and numbness when the foot tries to return to its natural position.

These problems can be solved with a moulded sole, which fixes the foot in its neutral position, and gives higher comfort and better performance thanks to the natural power transfer from body to ski. The sole can be made at the time of buying the ski boots or as a complement afterwards.

For hiking and running, a moulded sole promotes the natural walking and running step, which causes better posture and a longer-lasting body.

You can ask for help about our moulded soles in our SkiStarshop Concept Stores. We work with Sida’s custom soles and tailor make soles to suit you, and your equipment and level.