Wednesday and Thusday 5-6 April is it the competitions Mr & Miss Ski Funtastic GS FIS - giant slalom race in which sweden's best boys and girls participating.

Friday 7 April is it Mr Ski Funtastic (former Mr Lindvallen) and saturday 8 April is it time for the girls to compete in Miss Ski Funtastic (former Miss Lindvallen). The Race Ski Funtastic Junior is decided on Saturday (U12) 8 April and Sunday (U14-16) 9 April.


 (Miss & Mr Ski Funtastic GS, 5-6 April) 

mrski (Mr Ski Funtastic SL, 7 April)

misski (Miss Ski Funtastic SL, 8 April)

 (Ski Funtastic Junior GS H/D 12, 8 april)

 Ski Funtastic JR GS H/D 14-16, 9 April