See Ski Funtastic live:

Friday 15 April and Saturday 16 April: 08:45

Sunday 17 April: 08:15

Wednesday and Thusday 13-14 april is it the competitions Mr & Miss Ski Funtastic GS FIS - giant slalom race in which sweden's best boys and girls participating.

Friday 15 April is it Mr Ski Funtastic (former Mr Lindvallen) and saturday 16 April is it time for the girls to compete in Miss Ski Funtastic (former Miss Lindvallen). The Race Ski Funtastic Junior is decided on Sunday 17 April.

Live results >>>

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 (Miss & Mr Ski Funtastic GS 13-14 April) 

mrski (Mr Ski Funtastic SL 15 April)

misski (Miss Ski Funtastic SL 16 April)

 (Ski Funtastic Junior 17 april)