Hemsedal Up N’ Down is a team contest where teams of 2-3 people participate in either the women's, men's, or the mixed class. You can choose whether you want to attend alpine skiing, snowboarding or telemark. The average time for all team members will be the final time.

About the slope

Hemsedal Up N' Down takes place in Hemsedal Ski Center. The start is at the bottom of the Holdeskar lift, and up to the top of it. Down to the Roni lift and up to the top of Roni. Down to the Tinden lift and to the top of Tinden. Down past the Skigaarden and to the Tinden lift. Tinden lift up and down to Totten 2.Take the lift up to Totten 2 and full speed down Sentrum slope. Finish line is at the Skogstad Bridge at the Fanitullen.

At critical points, where the raceway crosses other open slopes, there are speed-reducing elements for the runners. There are set "checkpoints" along the way, which must be passed. If you haven’t passed all "checkpoints" you will be automatically disqualified.

All participation is at your own risk. 

In case of unpredictable events, the organizer is entitled to change the course for safety reasons. 

For the public: Delayed start-up of certain lifts
Note that the slopes and lifts where the race is held will be closed during the race itself, and there may be some delayed start-ups for some lifts. The start takes place at the bottom of the Holdeskar lift. More info will be added when the start time is set.

Welcome to Scandinavia's hottest ski race!


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