Corona information Hemsedal & Trysil

Hemsedal and Trysil´s ski area closes with immediate effect due to a municipal decision (Force Majeure). The decision is valid until further notice.

Refund and rebooking

If you have a reservation with SkiStar in Hemsedal or Trysil you are entitled to a full refund for all products booked via SkiStar. There is no need to contact to get your refund, we have started paying out refunds and will continue to handel cancellations and refunds as soon as possible. We ask for your understanding that we at the moment have a high work load. 

Information in regards to Skistar All and season pass in Sweden and Norway

How the refund is handled

As soon as we have handled your cancellation, Klarna will take care of the refund.

  • If who have paid with a creditcard, you will receive the money back on the card. If your card payment is older than 6 months, Klarna will contact you to request account details
  • If who have paid with Klarna invoice / Klarna account you will be contacted by Klarna for more information about your refund.
  • If you have paid by bank transfer, different rules apply depending on which bank you have. Here, too, you will be contacted by Klarna.
  • If who have paid with any other payment method you will be contacted by SkiStar regarding your refund.

If you had to cancel your stay in Hemsedal or Trysil

Refunds will be made for those parts of the trip / products booked via SkiStar that you have not been able to use due to the closure of the ski area.

For those who have a planned trip to Hemsedal or Trysil

Due to the closure of Hemsedal and Trysil ski area, all trips in the near future will be canceled. Guests who are entitled to a refund do not need to contact us, we will handle this as soon as possible.