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Völkl Racetiger SC 21/22 Yellow

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5249 DKK 3149 DKK

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Udvalgte variant: Yellow

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VMotion 11 GW

VMotion 11 GW


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Völkl Racetiger SC 21/22

5249 DKK

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-2100 DKK

VMotion 11 GW


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-2100 DKK

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3149 DKK

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Pistcarver with incredible all-round feeling!

Racetiger SC is a ski with better edge grip than offered by most competitors. The uniqueness of this carbon ski is its weight of only 2.65 kg combined with the rocker profile and an advanced vibration dampening technology which gives this ski an incredible stability and playfulness. Racetiger SC is a slightly softer and lighter piste racer than its big brother, the Racetiger SL, but has the same easy-going and confident character with the famous ice grip! A true piste ski that gives you a forgiving skiing experience whatever the surface conditions.