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K2 Disruption SC Quikclik Free W 22/23 One Colour

4549 DKK

Udvalgte variant: One Colour

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ER3 10 Compact Quikclik

ER3 10 Compact Quikclik


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K2 Disruption SC Quikclik Free W 22/23

4549 DKK

ER3 10 Compact Quikclik


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4549 DKK

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K2 Disruption range

K2's Disruption range sets a new standard in what you can expect from a piste ski! The Disruption range was designed for anyone who loves really high performance for a full day on the piste. 100% developed to help you get more power on the slopes, increase speed and give maximum feedback in every turn. Designed from scratch with brand new technology that gives you more for less power! All skis in the range are based on a solid wood core that gives that extra special "finger tip feeling" against the snow. The extra reinforcement of the skis, known as the "I-Beam", takes the vibrations at big bumps and unevenness. The “Dark Matter Dampening” material at the tip and tail absorbs the small vibrations and gives the ski an incredibly precise and cushioned feel regardless of speed. Reinforced with carbon fibre for even more elasticity and character. Disruption SC is for those who love to ski on the piste all day, in all types of terrain. K2 has been collaborating with the Breast Cancer Foundation for a long time and part of the sale proceeds go to breast cancer research. You can see this on all K2 women's products as they have the Pink ribbon symbol on the ski, snowboard or ski boot.