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Bliz Vision Matt Neon Pink M12 Pink

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Multi-sports eyewear from Bliz

If you take sport seriously, you also take your vision seriously. Bliz has developed Vision just for people like you - a model so adjustable that you can make it yours and only yours. Vision is technologically advanced with a light weight and Jawbone technology. Nose piece and sidepieces are easily adjusted for unbeatable comfort. The large cylindrical lens has a high optical quality, is unbreakable and maximizes your field of view, in addition to having effective ventilation. Vision has a Hydro Lens Tech™ lens that provides clear visibility in all weather conditions. As a unique feature, you can also insert an optical adapter into Vision that you can grind to have the right strength for you (purchased separately). Vision is a perfect choice for cycling, skiing and other demanding multi-sports. A chance to get completely optimal vision according to your personal circumstances!