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Look Pivot 15 GW 115 mm Raw

The favourite binding for punk rockers!

Finally, Look has a "more normal" spring for its legendary Pivot binding!! The weight range DIN 6-15 means that many skilled riders can now ride safely, using the most reliable binding on the market. This season's new Look bindings originated from the Nevada heel, much appreciated by knee specialists, the so called "turntable". Look created the PIVOT binding as far back as 1963, completely changing the market with its 7 point ski boot contact zones, longest elasticity and shortest mounting zone, all packaged in a metal cover for optimal durability and useful life. Today the new Look PIVOT bindings are also adapted for the latest ski boot (sole) standard Grip Walk. PIVOT 15 Gold and PIVOT 15 RAW are available with both 95 mm and 115 mm ski stopper width.