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Trek Roscoe 20 JR Rage Red to Dnister Black Fade

Mountain bike for children

Mountain biking is the ideal family activity and Roscoe is the ideal children's bike for creating lovely memories. It is not a reduced adult cycle. Right from the drawing board, it is designed for children, by adults who know exactly what works and doesn't work for children. When learning to ride a bike, simplicity is important: with a 1x8 powertrain, your child can concentrate on keeping the tyres rolling. Child-specific frame geometry with a sloping diagonal tube for easy boarding and boarding.

This is the right bike for you, if...
Your little cyclist feels ready to leave the neighbourhood's bike paths for the forest trails, and you want the adventure to be experienced right from the start on a genuine mountain bike that builds both confidence and skill. Then there is no better teacher than Roscoe.

Suitable for cyclists who are about 115-135 cm tall.