The shops at Björnrike and Vemdalsskalet are run by Skistar. Here, you find knowledgeable and experienced staff who guide you through shelves stacked high with the best brands and models of skis and ski boots on the market. You can always test out your new skis and ski boots in our well-stocked shops before buying them. With the widest range in the mountain region, you are sure to find that special item you are looking for!

The range of ski clothes and leisure fashion in the shops is just as extensive. Tough and well-known brands for young and old alike.

Vemdalsskalet, Sportshop
Tel: +46 (0)684 151 20
Open daily during the winter season.

Björnrike, Sportshop
Tel: +46 (0)684 152 20
Open dailly during the winter season.

Skistarshop – online shop open 24-hours a day all year long!

The shops in Klövsjö and Storhogna are run by the village's keenest skier, and stocks top-quality clothing and ski equipment from the very best suppliers as well as having a rental and workshop service.

Klövsjö Sportshop
Tel: +46 (0)682 211 80
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Storhogna Sportshop
Tel: +46 (0)682 41 30 30
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