Tracks connected with our facilities

The tracks are prepared on average every third day or as necessary, depending on weather and wind – check which tracks are open in our lift, piste and weather information. All tracks connectedt to our facilities are now open.


2, 3, 5 and 6.2 km – starting from Vallaboden on the other side of the road from the ICA supermarket at Snötorget. The tracks run through wooded terrain and are quite hilly. The 2 and 3 km tracks are lit with electric lighting.


3, 5, 8, 10 km.


3 km – easy ski loop with electric lighting, connected to Hundfjället's electrically lit track

3 km – easy to ski. Pulsenslingan/Östra Tandådalen

11  km – Kalven Runt, flat and easy to ski.


2 km – easy ski loop with electric lighting, connected toTandådalen's electrically lit track

5 km loop starting at Trollbäcken.

Other trails in the area close to the facilities

The trails are prepared as necessary, depending on the weather and wind conditions.


5, 7, 12 and 22 km. 5 km track has electric lighting.

Tandådalen, Myrflocenter

8 km – Myrflospåret 6 km – Gilleråsspåret


2, 5, 7, 10 km. The 2 km track has electric lighting. There is a connecting trail to Sälfjällstorget but it is not prepared.


2.5, 5 and 10 km. The tracks run through mixed terrain.


Tjärnheden – Sälen village, return trip. 15 km electrically lit track through hilly terrain.

Touring trail in the mountains

The Sälenringen track is made at least once a week or after every large snowfall.

Yellow tracks which are made (rolled)

The number of kms refers to the length of the tour, there and back. Rolling = the snow is packed with a roller, giving a good base surface for cross-country skiing.

  • Högfjällshotellet – Kvillkojan – Lindalen (rolled) approx. 10 km.
  • Högfjällshotellet – Östra Tandådalen (made with a piste machine) approx. 8 km.
  • Gruven – Östfjällsstugan (rolled) approx. 6 km.
  • Gusjösätern – Östfjällsstugan (rolled) approx. 7 km.
  • Lördagsgraven – Syndalen (connecting to Sälenringen – rolled) approx. 8 km.
  • Högfjällshotellet – Storfjällsgraven (rolled) approx. 14 km.
  • Storfjällsgraven – Mellanfjällsstugan (rolled) approx. 7 km.
  • Gammelgården – Hemfjällsstugan (trail machine) approx. 10 km.
  • Gammelgården – Storfjällsgraven (trail machine) approx. 10 km.