In the children's ski area at Hemsedal Ski Centre, younger skiers can play in safe surroundings with easy-to-use lifts and gentle slopes, particularly suited to small skiers. For the very smallest beginners, we recommend starting on ski pistes 2 and 42.

Children can experience many exciting adventures in the children's ski area. As well as thrilling slopes, the children can explore the exciting Valleskogen, visit Valleland, try out ice-skating, test their speed in the Donald Duck & Co. Mini Selftimer, and practice cool tricks in the Play Park.

Remember that all children aged 6 and under who use a helmet can ski free of charge throughout the Hemsedal Ski Centre. You can borrow helmets free of charge at the ski rental desk, or buy one at SkiStar Sports Shop Hemsedal.

Donald Duck & Co Mini Selftimer - Feel like a real Alpine star on the slalom run with start gate and timing. Green activities in Valleland.

Play Park -Play Park with rails, jumps, banked bends, jumps and waves - perfect for up and coming jib stars. Green activity on Trolløypa slope no 1.

Big Air Bag - Do mid-air tricks with a guaranteed soft landing on a gigantic air bag. Red activity on Hagaløypa no. 37.

Valleland ­Visit Valleland with carpet lift, merry-go-round, toboggan run and a loads of fun on snow for kids.

Valles' Forest - See what's hiding behind the trees on this exciting woodland run. Green activity next to Trolløypa no. 1.

Ice Arena - Test the ice on the ice rink at Hemsedal Alpin Lodge. Green arena between Hemsedal Alpin Lodge and the Hit og Dit ski lift.