Find your way inside

Experium is a centre for experiences and Sweden's newest leisure arena. But what is really hiding behind this special façade?

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Inside Experium there is a lot to discover

Large hyper-modern adventure pool with waves, streams, bubbles etc., both indoors and outdoors
Two water chutes over 100 metres long
Water chute for small children
Bathland for small children
Exercise swimming
Sweden's first surfwave (wave surfing indoors with surf instructors)
Norrsken Spa & Sauna
Relaxation room with a mountain view
Burnout Bowling & Games
3D-cinema with the latest technology
Restaurants, cafés and bars for all tastes
   - Restaurant Nord
   - RÅ Bar & Lounge
   - Food Court
   - On the Rocks Sports bar
   - Harbour café Skutan
   - Sauna bar
   - Burnout Bowling Bar


Här kan du se en översikskarta över hela Experium

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